DW Documentary Film: The crash – the investment bank Lehman Brothers (2018)

Contribution of Hong Kong skyline timelapse footage for the documentary film of Deutsche Welle about the financial crash of 2008. Download Link.

For Make Productions, DW Documentary

Producer & Director: Sarah Bagharib
Editor: Grace Xiao
Camera: Kendal Kempsey, Ryan Seet, Matt Wainwright, Michelle Tofi, Leo Gizzi
Archive, Photography & Timelapse: Adrian Armirail

Making Of: Audemars Piguet Exhibition Booth SIHH 2015

Collaboration project between Adrian Armirail, Decoy Collective and Creative Circle International.

Photography & Timelapse: Adrian Armirail
Videography and Cut: Decoy Collective
Client: Audemars Piguet, Creative Circle International