Thai Food Stalls

During my travels in Asia I have discovered the fascinating beauty and chaos that can be encountered in the streets. While in Bangkok, Thailand I was most fascinated by the local food stalls that distinctively focus to sell only one or two specialised products in a variety of shapes and colours that not only taste amazing but also lie in stark contrast to what we are used to see in Europe. While food hygene would not adhere to European standards, it is safe to say that especially in Thailand, cleanliness and quality of food is essential.

World Hydrant

Funny little creatures that provide a very important service in case of emergency. I am fascinated by the different designs and shapes they take in different places around the world.

One Camera – One Lens

In an effort to simplify my life I sold off most of my camera equipment that was not required for any of my architectural photographic assignments in 2015.

I limited myself to to use of only one camera and one lens for 6 months for all of my personal photography. Furthermore, I forced myself to take photos every day.

It was a very liberating experience. Find the images I took during that period in the following gallery.

One Camera - One Lens

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